Best RV Generator 2018

Shopping for an RV generator does not have to be hard. Choose from one of these, and you will get quality power for your RV, the air conditioning, electric and even your digital devices. These are the four best RV generators you can buy directly from Amazon.

The Altima AY2000i Portable Inverter Generator

This machine comes with a Yamaha engine, one of the best engines that money can buy. It has a high-performance level and requires little maintenance even after years of regular use. The AY200I can handle powering your RV and the air conditioner.

It can also run your lights, a portable fan, a blender, a coffee maker and a computer. You can use it in emergencies at home with microwaves and Energy Star refrigerators. It is parallel ready which means all outlets are the all-in-one and ready to connect with any other model of Altima generator. This helps you build up your available power.

The Altima inverters go twice their operating output, so they cover more electronics than most RV generators are made to. It provides constant electricity to power all electronics, even sensitive ones so that they function perfectly.

The generator is made so that it is ergonomically easy to handle. It has an alloy body, and so it looks as nice as it handles. It is easy to use, too. Anyone that has access to a regular electrical outlet can plug it in and get it to work. It lasts lots longer than a battery-powered or a propane generator, so if you want an RV generator that works reliably, this one is it. For the price, which is well under $1000 you get everything you could need to enjoy comfort, coolness, and safety in your RV.

This is a great generator to have when you are back home. If you endure any natural disaster you and your family can still have the comfort and health that comes with being able to use heaters, AC, lights, refrigerators, and stoves.

It has a maximum AC output of 2000W and at DC output of 12V/8A. It runs on 120V and is a single-cylinder, 4-stroke, gasoline engine. It can hold one gallon of fuel and .1 gallon of oil. Use SAE 10W30 oil or unleaded gasoline. The item is light at a mere 47 pounds.

It has two 120 V AC output socket and one 120 V DC output socket. There is also a low oil alarm and an electrical circuit breaker. It has overload protection.

When you order it from Amazon, you get the generator, the manual, a cable for charging the 12V battery, and a toolkit. You also get a spark plug sleeve, an empty oil bottle, and a warranty card.

Overall this is an easy-to-start generator that gets going fast so when you need it in an emergency; it is ready to power your lights and your appliances. It also works well on running RV air conditioners for extended periods without a hassle.

The Champion 3800 Dual Fuel Ready Portable Generator

This one is Amazon’s choice. It runs on two different fuels, gas or propane, and you can get it on right as you open it out of the box. It has 4750 starting watts of power and a full 3800 running watts.

It runs for a full 9 hours on a tank of gas and 10.5 hours on a 20-pound propane tank. It comes with a Champion 224 cc engine with a Touch Start feature. There is also a push button for the electric start. It comes with the battery.

It has a safety fuel selector switch with the gas fuel tank and propane tank inlet. The gas tank holds over three gallons of fuel. It comes with a hose for the propane connection. You get 120V 30A RV and 120V 30 locking outlets and two 120V household outlets. These outlets are all secured by Volt Guard that keeps your appliances from going through power surges.

You get a 3-year limited warranty and Champion’s lifetime of technical support. This is compliant with all 50 states EPA and CARB certifications.

When you turn it on the right out of the box, it produces the 4750 starting watts and 3800 running watts of gas. It gives 4275 starting watts and 3420 running watts on propane. Use the battery power with the easy Touch Start. This is the electric start that includes an internal battery charger that automatically charges the battery as your generator runs.

This item will run your whole RV. As a solution for emergencies or power outages, it is a cost-effective item to get you through no matter what type of power you run it on. It is ready to go on the road with you to the standard RV outlet. This is enough to power up a 15000 BTU air conditioner which is important.

If you need it for home use, it can even get your sump pump, furnace, fan, refrigerator and modem powered up. You can rely on the propane instead of the gas because it has a longer shelf life. This item is great in that it has so many options to run it on both in your RV or at your home.

Users have found that it goes easily for 2000 hours with no problems. It can go 9 hours on a tank of gas or 10.5 hours on propane using a 50 percent load. It does not rust or experience hose cracks two days into using it like some products have done for some users.

The fact that it has Cold Start technology built into it means that it starts easily even in cold weather. It is great no matter when you want to go camping in your RV or when you need it during an emergency snow storm. It comes with a folding handle and can be transported easily on its never-flat wheels. The 3800-watt portable generator also lets you easily switch between your fuel sources quickly but safely. You are protected and power up wherever your RV journeys take you.

The Champion generators are known for their power. They are among the best engines for the price. When you consider the customer service and technical support that they offer after you buy this generator, you are getting an invaluable item. This is a real investment in your family’s health and safety as well as in your uninterrupted enjoyment while out on the road in your camper or RV.

The Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Portable Inverter Generator

This one from Champion is also a Duel Fuel model with an Electric Start option. Open up the box and get it started using your choice of gasoline or propane. It holds about half a quart of 10W-30 oil and has a low oil automatic shut off, so you never have to worry about burning out the engine by accident.

The electric start has a three-position toggle switch. The battery is included, and you can access all the controls at one spot using the Quick Touch Panel. This one operates quietly at 59 dBA which is perfect for RVs. You will not annoy your neighbors, and you will be able to sleep in the coolness of your air-conditioned RV all night long.

This RV ready electric powered generator will also power up your sensitive electronics without problems. Using gas, it will run for about 7.5 hours. You can use the 12V DC outlet with the dual USB adapter. It also comes with the propane hose, a folding handle and the standard never-flat tires that Champion generators are known for.

You also get the 3-year limited warranty along with a free technical support service for the life of your ownership from Champion. It is compliant in all 50 states.

The Champion 3400-watt portable inverter generator is a convenient item, and it offers such versatility that you have all the energy you need for home, RV or emergency use. It also comes as all Champion generators do with the Cold Start technology that lets the item power up fast in cold conditions.

This Champion inverter generator also includes an Economy Mode of operations. This uses a lighter electrical load and quieter operation. This is handy for getting the most out of your electric when you are worried about limited sources during an emergency or when you are powering your RV and do not want to use the propane or gas up. Incidentally, it can run an RV air conditioner at 1300 BTU with no problems.

Many people love this top seller on Amazon because it is better than a much more expensive generator using a different brand of engine. Instead of spending $2000 to get 50 hours of use each year, spend about half that and get a powerful, trustworthy engine out of the Champion 3400-watt.

Many other brands do come with equally raving reviews, but this one with a dual fuel option stands above them. The generator starts right up which is a problem with some items. You choose whether to run it off gas or propane right away and it runs smoothly. It is impressive with how quiet it runs.

It easily gets a 13000 or 13500 BTU RV ac started even if you use a hard-start capacitator. It puts out every single one of its watts out even if you use the gas. It comes in weighing at about 95 pounds, so it is not very portable, but it has wheels so this may only be a problem if you are taking it out of the box to get it positioned and ready for hours and hours of reliable use.

The Champion 3100 Watt RV Portable Inverter Generator with Wireless Remote Start

Obviously, Champion brands rank among the highest on all RV-ready generators on Amazon. This 3100- watt model is among the top 4 best ones listed, and that may have to do with the fact that this model comes with a coveted, plush wireless remote start

You get a key fob with your generator that can get your generator started from 80 feet away. It has a 3-position ignition switch electric starter. You get the battery included and the convenient one-spot Quick Touch Panel control panel.

This will run all your RV appliances, lights and sensitive electronics like all the other Champion models do. It has a 120V 30A RV outlet along with two 120V 20A household outlets. You also get a 12V DC outlet with USB adapter to run it using clean power.

The generator operates on 58 dBA which means it runs quietly. It starts at 3100 watts and runs at 2800 watts with a run time of eight hours. It is lightweight and is ideal for your home after a power outage. You just pull it out of the closet and get it running using your key fob wireless remote. If it is cold during your power outage or your camping trip, no worries. It has Cold Start technology that gets your generator up and going right away no matter what.

As with all the Champion models, it comes with a 3-year limited warranty and free technical support from Champion experts. This is just one of the features that make the Champion RV generator brands the top according to Amazon and many satisfied buyers.

It uses Clean Power or less than 3 percent THD. This allows you to connect your sensitive computer devices up without worry. It has a low-oil shut off so you will never burn out the engine by forgetting to fill it properly.

Be careful opening the box and removing it. The initial set up requires careful concentration with connecting the internal battery cables. Add a quart of 10W-30 oil to break it in. Otherwise, you will be using your Wireless Remote like it is part of a new toy. This is no toy. This item can power a full-size RV or camper all day or all night with gas.